Why CABPRO Matters

The number of laws and regulations that are on the books today attacking our property rights at all levels of government has exploded over the last several years.

There are organizations that use false science – or no science at all – in lawsuits against the federal government that result in controlling what we can and cannot do with or on our own property.

International code is being inserted into all local general plans to harmonize with the United Nations International Standards. The monetary cost in complying with these standards can drain the bank accounts of property and business owners.

Using the deception of being for the greater good and for the protection of our health, safety and welfare, those promoting regionalism are, in doing so, promoting the taking of our water, timber and land.

Whether or not this is happening because of intent or lack of awareness, we are currently on a dangerous path. The remedy may be found in education, and that is what this site will attempt to provide.